Meet The Y.E.S Team


Hello and welcome to the Y.E.S “Meet The Team” page. My name is Jake, and I was lucky enough to be in a position to help turn Y.E.S - Your Enabling Service from Rachel’s self-employed passion project, into a multiple employee company providing care to a range of people in need in the Exeter area. But care was not where I started…


I started my career when I studied plumbing at Exeter College for two years obtaining my Level 2 NVQ. But, unfortunately, I felt that plumbing was not the right choice of career path for me. After stints in retail and catering I landed a brilliant job in the motor trade. Being told throughout my life that I have “the gift of the gab”, I was very good and selling cars. I built great relationships with my customers and I enjoyed the camaraderie of working with in a sales team, but there was something missing.


One afternoon I was talking with Rachel, my Mother, about how her role as a self employed personal care assistant was going. The primary point of discussion was around how highly in demand services for care were, she was having multiple calls asking about her availability. I replied with a throwaway comment of, “why don’t you turn Y.E.S into a business and hire more people to help with the demand of support required”.

“I can’t Jake, I wouldn’t have time to support all the clients and be able to run a team of carers as well. Why don’t you do it?” Was her throwaway response.

I kept thinking more and more of what a great idea this could be, I felt so stagnant selling cars, I wanted to make a difference and thus, Y.E.S - Your Enabling Service, the family run enabling business, was born.


I can’t put into words how delighted I am of our care team. Myself and Rachel are so proud to be working with such caring, hard working individuals. The dedication, enthusiasm and passion they put in everyday to better the lives of their clients is incredible.

Hello, my name is Rachel. I have worked within the care industry for over 20 years! My passion for care started with me completing a Social Community Care Course at Exeter College where we were provided work placements within the community to learn valuable experience. One of my most enjoyable memories of these work placements was in a nursing home where I greatly enjoyed talking with, listening to and caring for the residents. Once my placement was finished I was delighted to be offered a full time position that I gratefully accepted.


Following my work in the nursing home, I pursued my passion for care further, where I became a full time Auxiliary Nurse on the Cardiac ward of the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. Working as a nurse was years of vital experience toward excellent patient care and having a better understanding and appreciation for patient struggles while simultaneously maintaining calm, patient and professional in a high pressure environment.


After working in the hospital I took a career break to focus on raising my family (which is a high pressure environment itself!). When my children were a little older and in school, I wanted to use my spare time to learn something new and open myself up to part-time work opportunities and push myself further. I gained qualifications in IT and Accounts, really enjoying the challenge, resulting in part-time positions of accounting and IT support. As much as I enjoyed these roles, and meeting some lovely people along the way, I knew my heart lay in care.


As my children were all becoming independent I applied, and was successful, in obtaining a position working in the community as an enabler for vulnerable adults. I loved my new job, and through consistency, reliability and being sensitive to my clients needs, I very quickly managed to develop healthy, trusting relationships.


During this time it was apparent there was a high demand for enablers to support people with a wide range of care requirements across all age groups in my local community. Therefore, in 2017, I made the leap of going self-employed and set up Y. E.S - Your Enabling Service. The demand for care and support services was instant and all my available working hours were snapped quickly. The difficulty of turning people away was so hard, but after discussing this with my son, Jake, he was able to  step in and turn Y.E.S into a family run business.

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Hello, my name is Teresa, I joined the Y.E.S team in March 2020. I have worked in catering for the last 20 years and, honestly, working in the care industry is something I had never thought of pursuing, but I reached a point in my life where I needed a change, to take a leap of faith and jump into something new. 


There’s plenty of great things about this job, I’m learning something new everyday, I’m guaranteed no day is the same and the best thing about this role is that I can still utilise my main passion by using my catering knowledge to plan and cook healthy nutritional meals with my clients.

Hello, my name is Becky, I joined Y.E.S in April 2020 and I absolutely love being part of the Y.E.S team. Perviously, my working career has always been based around the catering industry, but, due to be being furloughed through the pandemic, I took a temporary job at Y.E.S... there was no looking back!


I find my job so rewarding, it's such a great feeling knowing you have supported a client and are leaving them with a smile on their face. Working with Y.E.S has taught me so much and it's so fulfilling to put it into practice.

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Hello, my name is Aimee and I began my journey with Y.E.S in May 2021. 


After leaving school I didn’t know what career path I wanted to take. I studied tourism and finance but both meant sitting at a desk all day which just isn’t me. I then worked in retail for six years and particularly enjoyed meeting lots of interesting people and would tend to spend most of the day chatting to customers and getting to know them.


When the pandemic hit I knew it was the right time to change careers. I decided that enabling would be perfect because I love people and making a positive impact to others lives. I have found my purpose with Y.E.S. and have learnt so much. I am excited to continue growing with the team, meeting new people and making positive changes in their lives. 


In my spare time you’ll find me out in the countryside with my two springer spaniels, Maddie and Fig. I also help with fundraising and volunteer my time to my local Lions International Club for various local community projects.

Hello, my name is Sarah, I’ve been working in the care industry for over 16 years with my experience ranging from supporting clients in care homes, out in the community and in their own homes, a career path that I have found  incredibly rewarding.

My main passion that has driven me in my career in care is making a difference in peoples lives, whether that be dealing with complicated challenges or simply putting a smile on someone’s face, every positive change I can make guarantees every day worthwhile.


I joined Y.E.S in early 2022 after taking time away from work to care for my own husband who was terminally ill with cancer. After he passed away I needed a new start and I’ve been welcomed in to a very friendly and professional team. I’m really enjoying continuing to meet new people, help them with their day to day needs and continue my passion of making a difference in peoples lives.

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Hello, my name is Nadia, I have been part of the Y.E.S team since 2019. Although I work for myself and have my own clients, I still wanted to be a part of the family business as I really enjoy being a part of the Y.E.S team.


I did my qualifications to work with the younger generation and specialise working with additional and physical needs. I have a level 3 national diploma in child play, learning and development. All my hands on experience, before working as a self-employed carer in the community and for Y.E.S, has been giving support to children’s individual needs as they grow and develop. 


Working with Y.E.S  has been a brilliant opportunity for me to put what I have learnt into practice, with the children I’ve worked with growing in their development and confidence. But, although I do specialise in children, I enjoy working with, and learning from, my older clients and it has made me much more versatile in my caring career.

Hello, my name is Katie and I joined Y.E.S part time in April 2022. 


I work as a Foot Health Practitioner 3 days a week and worked as personal care assistant to a private client in a part time capacity on the remaining two days. After redundancy from this role, I knew that I still wanted to continue in the care industry, I have always enjoyed having a mixture of two jobs and ensuring my working week has variety. After looking online and talking to different people I soon concluded that enabling was the next path in care I wanted to pursue.


From a young age I always new I wanted a job that involved helping people and making a difference to them and their families. Being a part of the Y.E.S team enables me to do this. 

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